Phone Interview Questions to Be Sure to Ask in the First Round

Phone Interview Questions to Be Sure to Ask in the First Round | THE RIGHT STAFF

Conducting a phone interview helps determine whether a candidate who looks great on paper is a good cultural fit for your company. You can learn about the candidate’s skill level, experience, and career plans. You also can screen for personality, manners, and respect before deciding whether to invite the candidate to an in-person interview.

Using a 15- to 30-minute phone interview to get to know a candidate saves time in the hiring process. You spend time building relationships with the candidates you believe will succeed in the role and your organization. This increases your odds of hiring, onboarding, and training a candidate who will remain long-term.

Be sure to ask these phone interview questions to your St. Paul candidates in the first round of discussions.

Can you tell me a little about yourself?

Pay attention to the skills the candidate developed in previous positions that relate to the job description. Look for enthusiasm in their response as well.

Focus on whether the candidate mentions something they are looking for in their next role. This indicates the direction you may want to move the conversation in.

Why do you want a new role?

Perhaps the candidate dislikes their current position. They may have a long commute or unfulfilling work. Or, the candidate may want a higher salary or opportunities for advancement.

Uncovering the candidate’s motivation to change roles indicates whether they would be happy working for your company. Offering the candidate what they are looking for increases their likelihood of success in the position.

How would you describe your work style?

Focus on whether the candidate enjoys working independently, collaborating, or both. A combination of independent and collaborative work likely is required for the position.

Which types of challenges are you looking for in a role?

Pay attention to how the candidate wants to grow in their next position. Perhaps they want to work for an organization that values and supports collaboration. Or, the candidate might want to join a company that celebrates employee wins.

If offered the position, how soon could you start?

Most candidates need to provide their current employer with two weeks’ notice before starting a new role. More time may be needed if the candidate is working on a major project, has a contract position, or needs to relocate.

Keep in mind that many candidates who request extended start dates either back out at the last minute or do not show up for work. You may want to focus on other candidates instead.

Do you have any questions for me?

Look for specific, thoughtful questions that dig deeper into the role or company. This shows whether the candidate researched the organization and thought about the position.

The candidate’s questions provide insight into their personality. These questions also show whether the candidate truly is interested in and qualified for the role.

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