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The RIGHT Legal Staffing Company

THE RIGHT STAFF is a proven leader among legal recruiting services providers in the Twin Cities. 

With tenured recruiters and a proven process, we can customize our approach to identify the right match between legal employers and in-demand talent. 

When you’re ready to hire or make a career move, our firm is more than a vendor, we are partner for businesses and professionals in the field. When you compare our work to most legal temp agencies in Minnesota, the choice will be simple.

Legal Recruiting Services 

For effective legal recruiting, our specialized, tenured recruiters understand the specific qualities that make an individual an exceptional hire. 

As a legal temp agency in Minnesota, we offer contract and contract-to-hire solutions for legal firms and departments in St. Paul and Minneapolis, throughout the upper Midwest and nationwide, but our services extend far beyond temporary services to direct hire, executive search and outsourced solutions. 

Our proven search process and experienced recruiters help you find the right talent at the right time. We draw from a network of outstanding candidates and custom recruiting as needed to meet your requirements.

 Choose From These Services And Solutions For Legal: 

Legal Job Placement Services

Our legal employment agency is for you. Tell us about your skills, interests and career objectives, and we’ll help you find a role that will take you one step closer to your dreams. 

You’ll always work with a recruiter who puts your interests first. We recruit legal support for employers in law firms and legal departments in a number of industries throughout the Twin Cities and nationwide. 

Whether you’re looking for the flexibility of a contract legal role or are hoping to take the next step in your career, our temporary legal staffing agency is here to help you find the ideal opportunity. 

Legal Positions We Fill Include: