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Call On Us For The RIGHT Staffing For Call Centers And Customer Service

When a customer sends an email or makes a call about a concern, question or complaint, the person responding on the other end is your company in their eyes. It’s essential the people in those seats represent you well. 

THE RIGHT STAFF is a call center temp agency in Minnesota with a reputation for service and quality. Our tenured recruiters and proven process enable us to identify and attract candidates with the skills and experience required to handle everything from simple requests to challenging technical calls. 

Whether you’re building out a call center or just filling a few vacancies, you can depend on us for quick, accurate results.

Depend On The Customer Service Recruiting Experts

When you partner with THE RIGHT STAFF, you’ll have the power of more than 20 years of experience and industry knowledge behind you. 

Our robust talent network gives you access to talent. The expertise we have developed over the years gives you insight into the local talent market, competitive pay rates and the most current insights into what candidates seek in their next job. 

Our process is designed to find the most highly qualified candidates on your behalf and streamline the process of hiring and onboarding, so they can make an immediate positive impact on your business. 

We offer many other options beyond recruiting to keep your business on track.

Services And Solutions For Call Centers

Call Center Job Placement Services

Make our customer service recruiting firm your career partner. Talk to us about your skills, interests and goals, and we’ll help you find an opportunity to match. 

Our recruiters are experts in making the right match between call center representatives and employers in the Twin Cities, Upper Midwest and nationwide. 

When you’re ready for a change, we’ll help you find the call center or customer service position that is just the right fit for you. 

Whether you’re looking for the flexibility of a temporary position or are ready to take the next step in your career, our customer service staffing agency is committed to helping you reach your goals.  

Call Center And Customer Service Positions We Fill Include: