How to Identify Leadership Potential in Twin City Candidates

How to Identify Leadership Potential in Twin City Candidates | THE RIGHT STAFF

When adding members to your team, you want employees who can grow and contribute to your company long-term. This is why you need to look for leadership characteristics during interviews.

Candidates who show leadership abilities during interviews tend to display them on the job as well. Asking certain questions can help determine whether these candidates have the characteristics you’re looking for.

Focus on the following areas to uncover leadership potential when interviewing Twin City candidates.


Ask candidates what they find appealing about the role. This shows what drives them. You want to know whether the candidates will work through stressful times and do what it takes to reach business goals.

A future leader is mission-driven. They focus on the greater purpose and want to make a difference. They want to perform their best each day and inspire others to follow their example. Conversely, an employee who mentions self-focused reasons such as salary, benefits, and perks, would not be a good leader.

Energy Level

Ask candidates about the most exciting thing they did over the past year. This may involve a trip they took, a hobby they started, a skill they developed, or a project they began. Listen to each answer to gain insight into the candidate’s passion and energy level.

A future leader who comes to work ready to produce spreads positivity throughout the office. Conversely, an employee who shows up stressed and hostile contributes to a negative work environment.

Ability to Earn Respect  

Ask candidates how they plan to earn the respect of their team members. A future leader would create an open dialogue so that everyone can contribute their ideas. In contrast, an employee who would stand in the front of the room and give orders would not gain respect from their team.

Ability to Adapt to Change

Ask candidates how they continue to grow professionally. This includes how the candidates stay on top of trends, new technology, and industry news to stay current. How candidates handle change impacts how they would handle evolving business needs.

A future leader may discuss potential industry changes and how they would adapt the business to them. In contrast, an employee who would continue to run the company the same way would cause the business to plateau.

Response to the Unknown

Ask candidates how they would respond to a situation where they don’t know what to do. This shows whether a candidate would admit they don’t know something and ask for help. Or, rather than gather data from the proper sources, they might make decisions with little information.

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