5 Tips for Better Relationships with Employees in 2022

5 Tips for Better Relationships with Employees in 2022 | The Right Staff

Managers who positively engage with their team members tend to succeed in their work. They show respect for their employees, value their contributions, and acknowledge their achievements. This increases employee engagement, productivity, and retention. These are reasons why you need to maintain strong relationships with your staff.


Implement these five tips to build stronger relationships with your team members in 2022.


Offer a Mentorship Program

Match your team members to seasoned employees in the organization for mentorship. The seasoned staff can help your team members develop the skills and experience needed to advance. They also can share in-depth knowledge about the company, tips to elevate work performance, and guidance on career development. Providing mentorship shows you prioritize your employees’ professional development.


Express Employee Appreciation

Recognize your team members for their accomplishments. This may involve a hand-written thank-you note, discussion during a one-on-one, or acknowledgment during a team meeting. Whether your employee finishes an incredibly challenging project, helps out a colleague, or reaches a career milestone, point out a specific example of something you are proud of and why. Mention how the accomplishment benefitted the company. Consider providing a bonus, raise, or promotion when appropriate.


Listen to Your Employees

Actively listen to what your team members have to say. This includes repeating what you heard to clarify the message you received. It also involves asking questions to gather additional information and further your understanding of an issue. This shows you value your staff members’ ideas, experiences, questions, needs, and concerns. It also increases the odds of your employees coming to you when they need to talk.


Encourage Autonomy

Give your staff as much space as possible to perform their work. You can explain projects, set deadlines, and be available to answer questions and offer guidance, then let your employees get started. Be sure to schedule regular check-ins to determine your team members’ progress and see whether anything needs to be changed. This shows you trust them to complete their tasks on time. It also helps develop the leadership skills required for advancement within the organization.


Provide Constructive Feedback

Let your employees know in real-time how they are performing. Include what they are doing well, the areas they can improve on, and specific ways to do so. This shows you care about your team members putting in their best effort each day and accomplishing their goals.


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