Keeping Great Employees for the Long Run: How to Retain Talent in Plymouth, Minnesota

For many Minnesota employers, finding great talent is only the first step in the process of building great teams. Keeping the great talent they hire is the next challenge.  

Retention remains a top concern for many employers. Here are several ways that employers in Plymouth and other Minnesota cities can boost retention.  

Show applicants what the company offers them.  

Often, hiring managers put out a job posting without considering the candidate’s perspective. The hiring manager knows which skills and experiences they want to see in top candidates. They have crafted a profile of the type of person most likely to thrive in the position, but they haven’t explored how the position benefits those candidates. 

Use your job postings to highlight the best parts of working in this job or with your company. By doing so, you provide context to job-seekers. Those who see themselves doing well in your organization are more likely to apply, while those who are likely to flounder will focus on other job opportunities.  

Make onboarding part of the job. 

In the rush to get a new hire up to speed and working, some hiring managers confuse onboarding with orientation. 

Orientation is the quick-start guide to working with your company. It helps new hires figure out where they are, introduce themselves to fellow staff members, and find the minimum tools necessary to do their jobs. 

Onboarding goes deeper. It teaches new hires how to coordinate their efforts with the rest of the team and the company’s overall goals. Good onboarding doesn’t just help the worker get to work–it also helps them become part of the organization as a whole. 

To maximize the benefits of onboarding, think of it as a multi-month process. Make onboarding activities part of a worker’s daily routine, and plan them so that workers can apply what they learn to their daily work right away.  

Work with a recruiter. 

Recruiters specialize in understanding the hiring environment on a deep level. While they enjoy building relationships and connecting job-seekers to employers, they also take the time to understand why the relationships they recommend do or do not work out. As part of this understanding, they explore the various reasons for high turnover.  

The recruiters at THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, do more than connect our clients with great candidates. We also help our clients craft staffing and retention strategies that engage top talent with the company’s goals for a satisfying and successful long-term relationship. For help building your staffing, recruitment and retention endeavors, contact us today.  

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