5 Types of Leadership Experience You Probably Already Have

5 Types of Leadership Experience You Probably Already Have | THE RIGHT STAFF

Like many candidates, you may be interested in a job that requires leadership experience. However, if you have limited work experience, you may be wondering whether you qualify for the role and should apply.

Odds are you have more leadership experience than you think. You just have to look at areas you may not have considered.

If you have any of these five types of leadership, you likely should apply for the leadership position you want.

1. Internships

Landing an internship shows you take the initiative to find practical work and learning opportunities. This shows you are a motivated and productive person.

If you include an internship on your resume, an interviewer likely will want to talk about it. Be prepared to detail your responsibilities and accomplishments.

2. Student Organizations

Active involvement in student organizations shows you care about improving situations. Be sure to share specific contributions you made to your school because of your efforts.

If asked during your interview about your involvement with a student organization, use stories to create a picture of a specific moment or project you took on. Briefly share some key points and how your leadership impacted other students.

3. Volunteerism

Helping out a local nonprofit organization shows you are ambitious. You are willing to commit time to something you are passionate about.

Include your volunteer experience on your resume. Be sure you relate your duties and achievements to the company and the role you are interested in. This shows you understand the work and are capable of fulfilling the responsibilities.

4. Cross-Cultural Experience

Traveling internationally or working on a project with employees of a different cultural group can teach you communication skills you may not learn elsewhere. Putting yourself in new situations helps you learn to adapt to change.

If your cross-cultural experience involved work, study, or volunteerism, include it on your resume. If not, find a way to mention your cross-cultural leadership experiences in your cover letter and interview. Be sure to include the skills you learned and barriers you overcame.

5. Social Groups

Participation in book clubs, theater groups, or dinner groups provides opportunities for social interactions. This contributes to your well-rounded and confident personality.

If an interviewer asks about your hobbies, mention the activities you enjoy engaging in with others. This shows that camaraderie, collaboration, and sharing ideas and input are important to you.

Apply for a Leadership Role

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