Does Your Resume Pop? Here Are Some Ways to Stand Out in a Competitive Market

It’s said that hiring managers spend an average of six seconds scanning each resume before deciding whether or not to consider the candidate further. That’s six seconds in which your resume needs to stand out – in all the right ways.

Here’s how to create a resume that works for you:

  1. Speak the employer’s language.

When employers hire for a position, they create a job posting that uses specific words and phrases to convey the skills and experience required to succeed in that position. Often, they have this job posting in mind as they read resumes.

To catch their attention, use the same words and phrases the job posting uses for key tasks. For instance, if the posting asks for experience in “improving customer satisfaction,” use this phrase when describing work you did that led to happier customers.

  1. Focus on achievements, not tasks.

Anyone can make a list of tasks they were assigned at previous jobs, but that list doesn’t tell hiring managers how well you succeeded at those tasks.

Instead, choose one or two of your top accomplishments on each job and list those on your resume. For example, instead of listing “listened to customer complaints” (a task), list your success rate at resolving those complaints: “I handled 12-15 customer complaints per day with a 96% satisfaction rate.”

  1. Make it look as good as it sounds.

Even the most elegant wording and outstanding achievements will get lost in the resume shuffle if the document doesn’t draw the eye. The use of white space and bullet points is an essential first step toward making your resume easy and comfortable to read.

If you’re seeking work in a creative field, consider going one step further and implementing graphic design skills with your resume. A resume that looks and feels more like a flyer or annual report summary can further convey your skills in a related field and make the document more interesting to read.

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