4 Interview Questions to Ask to See if a Candidate Fits Your Company Culture

4 Interview Questions to See if Candidates Fit Your Company Culture | THE RIGHT STAFF

Your culture consists of your company’s mission, vision, and values. It serves as a guide for employee behavior and business decisions. Your culture also shows what your company stands for and what others can expect of your organization.

Finding candidates who fit your culture is important. Candidates whose values align with your company values are likely to excel in a role and remain long-term. This helps increase employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

One of the best ways to assess for cultural fit is by asking specific interview questions. The following suggestions can help.

Ask these four interview questions to determine whether a candidate blends with your company culture.

1. Which Company Attributes Do You Look for When Applying for a Role?

This question is similar to “Why do you want to work here?”. However, it demands greater depth and detail about what attracted the candidate to your organization.

The candidate’s answer provides insight into their personality. This shows whether they would be a good fit with your culture.

You can determine whether the candidate’s desired attributes match your company’s attributes. This also helps uncover what the candidate’s values are and whether they align with your organization’s values.

2. What Would You Do in Your First Thirty Days and Ninety Days in the Position?

This question is similar to “Would you say you are a self-starter?”. However, it provides a clearer understanding of the candidate’s motivation level.

The candidate’s answer helps assess whether they have a self-starter mindset and show initiative. This is especially important in a fast-paced culture or a competitive industry.

The candidate’s answer also shows how they like to work and what they need to perform well. You can use this information to determine whether they are a good fit for your culture.

3. How Could a Manager Best Support You?

This question uncovers the candidate’s need for support. It is especially important if your company is people-oriented and wants its employees to reach their full potential.

The candidate’s answer helps you understand which management style best suits and motivates them. For instance, some candidates prefer their managers to be actively involved in their day-to-day tasks. Conversely, other candidates prefer to work independently.

You can use the candidate’s response to determine whether they blend with your management style. This helps assess whether they would blend with your culture.

4. What Do You Think This Role Might Look Like in Five Years?

This question uncovers whether a candidate has ambition for the position. Because role requirements change over time, you want to know whether the candidate will grow along with them.

The candidate’s answer shows whether they embrace change. Because industries constantly evolve, your organization has to evolve as well. As a result, the candidate has to embrace adaptation to fit in.

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