How to Attract Minnesota’s Newly Graduated Students to Your Jobs

How to Attract Minnesota's Newly Graduated Students to Your Jobs

College students who have recently graduated are looking to start their careers. This means you should be targeting them with your entry-level job openings. Their education and skills make new college graduates well-equipped to add value to your organization.


Follow these guidelines to attract the best new graduates to your Minnesota company.

Start Hiring Early

Begin advertising for job openings well before the academic year ends. Most graduates will be looking for jobs before they finish school. This provides more time for you to access talent. You should be able to hire the employees you need and have them start as soon as they are able.

Use Keywords in Your Job Postings

Including relevant keywords throughout your job postings help your ads rank higher in search engines. When job seekers search for the keywords, your job postings are likely to show up. You may want to use a tool like Ubersuggest to determine which job titles are commonly searched. You can use these words to create relevant headlines that attract job seekers.

Limit Your Hiring Requirements

Include only the necessary knowledge, skills, and requirements in your job descriptions. You may want to list prior experience as nice to have but not required. Emphasize that transferrable skills from internships, part-time jobs, extracurricular activities, and volunteerism are also essential.

Market Your Company

Share information about your company culture, business model, and industry in your job postings. Clarify which entry-level positions are available and the career opportunities they can lead to. Emphasize how you can work with applicants to determine which role may best fit their goals and interests.

Include Videos on Your Careers Page

Adding videos to your job postings typically increases your application rates. Because videos tend to get shared more often than text and images combined, you should gain access to job seekers you otherwise may not reach.

You might want to create your own videos with your smartphone by talking about your job openings. Or, you could briefly interview a team member about what they enjoy most about your company. Authenticity and transparency help attract job seekers.

Share Your Professional Development Plan

Mention in your job postings and interviews the training and professional growth opportunities your company offers. Recently graduated candidates want to know that your organization will help them move along their career paths. You may want to consider paid time off for training and compensation for certifications in a relevant field. Equipping recent graduates with knowledge, skills, and tools to excel in their current and future roles benefits both them and your company.


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