Are Your Job Listings Costing You Better Talent?

When you need a new staff member, time is of the essence. Every day a position stays open costs your company money, and it also drains your remaining staff.

Seeking to reduce time by releasing brief, indirect job postings, however, may cost you more in the long run. These job postings rarely grab the attention of top candidates. In some cases, drab job postings even push the best candidates away.

Here’s how to improve your job listings in order to inspire the best candidates to apply:

  1. Demonstrate Your Company’s Personality and Culture

Job postings that give a sense of a company’s culture or personality perform two powerful tasks for companies. First, they spark interest and imagination in top job candidates. The candidate can immediately feel what it’s like to work with the company.

Second, these job postings encourage candidates whose approach to work resonates with the company’s culture to apply. With a clear sense of the company’s approach to the world, candidates who know they’d thrive in such an environment are more likely to remember the posting and send in their resumes.

  1. Talk About Opportunities

Top candidates stand out from their peers because they’re never content with the work they’re doing. They’re always looking for more opportunities to learn, grow and expand their skills.

These candidates, then, are highly attracted to companies that talk about learning and growth opportunities in the job description. Include mentions of your company’s professional development options, like a mentorship program, regular training, a promotion schedule or tuition reimbursement.

  1. Give a “Day in the Life” Account

To describe the job’s regular tasks, list them in a “day in the life” format. This method stands out in the memories of job-seekers because it’s story-based, which attracts the imagination.

The “day in the life” approach also helps your job posting accurately reflect the actual tasks required on the job. When this list is accurate, you’re more likely to attract candidates whose skills and experience prepare them for exactly the sort of work they need to do.

  1. Seek Help in Crafting Job Postings

To save time and develop better job postings, work with a staffing firm. Your staffing partner can help you create postings that attract top candidates and place them in front of precisely the sort of people you want to hire.

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