Four Ways Minnesota Companies Promote a Healthy Workplace (and Why Everyone Should Do So)

Four Ways Minnesota Companies Promote a Healthy Workplace (and Why Everyone Should Do So)

Your employees are the most essential part of your business. This is why keeping your workplace healthy is vital. The better your employees feel, the more engaged and productive they are. This helps increase retention and your bottom line.

Choose among these four methods to promote a healthy workplace for your St. Paul company.

Offer Personalized Benefits and Perks

Because your employees are likely of different generations, they are also in various life stages. This means that your employees desire benefits that fit their unique needs and lifestyles.

Employees who recently graduated may be living independently, getting married, or buying a home. These employees want health, dental, and vision insurance. They also desire financial well-being programs to help them develop a budget, pay off school loans, and save for emergencies and the future. A flexible work schedule, time off to handle caregiver responsibilities, and employee assistance programs (EAPs) to discuss their problems and concerns are also important.

Employees with families want flexible paid time off to handle personal commitments. They also desire financial counseling options to manage their expenses, save for their children’s college education, and invest for retirement. Medical, dental, and vision benefits are welcome as well.

Employees who are empty nesters appreciate medical, dental, and vision benefits. They also enjoy opportunities to volunteer their time in the community. Retirement planning and benefits are important as well.


Make the Office Comfortable

Create a comfortable work atmosphere that encourages productivity. For instance, ensure the lighting is bright enough without being overpowering. This may require adding accent or floor lamps to the office. Also, include plants that thrive without natural light to add warmth to the office.

Encourage employees to personalize their work areas. This may include the use of essential oils for aromatherapy, artwork to inspire creativity, or a relaxing playlist to work to.


Encourage Regular Breaks

Taking breaks throughout the day promotes creativity and focus. It allows the brain to rest and recharge. Employees come back refreshed and ready to produce. Remind employees to step away from their desks during each break. They may want to take a walk, meditate, or talk with coworkers in the breakroom. Make sure employees take an hour off for lunch. After eating healthy foods, they may want to walk, read a book, or listen to music. Emphasize the importance of using all vacation days as well. Employees need time away from the office to reconnect with family and friends and relax.


Promote Employee Camaraderie

The better employees get along, the more collaborative and productive they are. This helps create a positive work environment that attracts and retains employees. Encourage employees to get to know each other on a personal level. This may involve organizing team happy hours, employee holiday parties, or company involvement in community events.


Want Help Hiring?

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