The Secret to Attracting Quality Candidates in St. Paul, Minnesota

The Secret to Attracting Quality Candidates in St. Paul, Minnesota | The Right Staff

One way to attract top talent is by improving your recruitment process. Because the most in-demand candidates are on the market for a very short time, you need to act quickly. Moving them through a fast hiring process increases the odds of bringing them aboard.


Six Ways to Attract Top-Notch Applicants in St. Paul


Write Effective Job Postings

Be sure your job advertisements are clear and concise. Make sure the job title is straightforward. Use gender-neutral language to attract candidates of various genders, demographics, and backgrounds. Include only the three to five most important qualifications to encourage diversity in your applicants. Share what makes your company different from the competition. Include reasons why your employees enjoy working for you. Clarify the benefits new hires receive from your organization.


Simplify Your Application Process

Make it quick and easy for candidates to apply. Your career site should be optimized for mobile and take no more than 3 seconds to load. Your application should be a simple form requesting a cover letter and resume and a button to submit them. You can gather additional information later in the process when you know which applicants to interview.


Keep Candidates Informed

Communicate with applicants throughout the recruitment process. Let them know where they are at, what the next steps are, and when they should hear from you by. Candidates want to remain in the loop so they can determine whether to continue moving forward with your organization.


Shorten Your Interview Process

Although it takes an average of 27 working days to find a new hire, the best candidates typically are off the market in 10 days. Unfortunately, this means that while you may be coordinating schedules with your interview panel, your top applicant may be offered a job with a competitor. To keep this from happening, have the interviewers set aside time for interviews during lunch and before and after work hours. In addition, use an automated interview scheduling tool, so the process is quick and easy for the candidate.  


Make Fast Hiring Decisions

Have a centralized system where members of your interview panel share their comments about a candidate. Everyone can review the feedback when they are able. Consider using a predefined scorecard for each applicant, so the comments are quick, fair, and easy to compare. Combine all of the data to determine which candidate scored the best and should be offered a job.


Build Your Talent Pipeline

Maintain a database of candidates you previously engaged with. Because you know about their education, skills, and experience, you know which types of positions they are qualified for. You can contact them when the right job opens up, then fast-track them through your hiring process.


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