Could Your Job Posts Be Costing You The Best Candidates?

Candidates who are serious about landing a job in their field read dozens of job postings from dozens of employers. In this context, it’s easy for a particular employer’s posting to get overlooked or forgotten if it’s written in a manner that doesn’t capture a job-seeker’s attention.

Here are several best practices for creating a persuasive and compelling job posting:

  1. Keep the job title simple.

Many companies have diversified their job titles in order to build a particular company culture. When creating a job posting, however, it’s best to use a standardized title that conveys the core requirements of the job. For instance, if you’re looking for someone to run the front desk, greet customers, answer phones and handle mail, “Receptionist” will earn more hits from qualified candidates than a title like “Director of First Impressions.”

  1. Answer “What’s in it for me?”

Job-seekers today have access to more options than ever before, thanks to the Internet and its ability to make job-seeking easy. As a result, it’s vital for employers to use their job postings to answer the question, “Why do people want to work here?”

Top candidates, in particular, know that they have choices. By placing your company’s employee value proposition front and center, your company immediately stands out. It has a memorable personality, mission and approach. Candidates who find that your company’s brand resonates with their own personality and approach to work are more likely to apply, while those who don’t experience that resonance are more likely to seek work from an organization that offers a better fit for them.

  1. Get help from the experts.

Staffing firms pay careful attention to the language used in job postings. They’re aware of which words and terms attract certain types of candidates, and they’re experts at building a job posting that calls to the type of person you need. Don’t hesitate to ask your recruiter for help crafting an outstanding job posting.

Top Job Postings in the Twin Cities.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our recruiters specialize in helping our clients create the job postings and employment brand they need to attract the best candidates in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Contact us today to learn more.

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