Take the Guesswork Out of Hiring – How a Staffing Firm Can Target the Right Candidates the First Time

Take the Guesswork Out of Hiring - How a Staffing Firm Can Target the Right Candidates the First Time

Hiring can be a lengthy and costly process. Knowing how to find and screen candidates to determine which should be offered a job is stressful. Thinking about the cost of a bad hire makes the process even more frustrating. Fortunately, you can take this responsibility off your managerial plate by working with a staffing firm.

Four Ways a Staffing Firm Sources the Professionals You Need to Fill Open Roles.

Networking Events

Staffing firm recruiters regularly participate in networking events targeted at their industry. Job fairs, conferences, meet-ups, and related opportunities let these recruiters meet potential candidates face-to-face. The recruiters connect with these professionals and begin learning more about them. Their current jobs, education, skills, experience, career goals, and whether they may be interested in an opportunity are among the topics of discussion. The recruiters then follow up with their new connections to build relationships and maintain interest in future opportunities.

Employee Referrals

Staffing firm recruiters work closely with referrals from internal employees and candidates they previously placed. Because these high-performing professionals typically spend time with people similar to them, they often connect the recruiters with other top talent. Since these employees and candidates usually receive monetary compensation if a referral is successfully placed, they are more likely to refer members of their network well-suited for a role.

Online Assessments

Staffing agency recruiters use pre-employment assessments to determine which candidates have the skills and qualifications needed to be successful in a role. The assessments test whether candidates can fulfill the job responsibilities and appropriately respond to situations that may come up on the job. Knowing in advance whether a candidate has the personality, problem-solving ability, and related characteristics required to carry out the job responsibilities helps the recruiter decide which candidates should advance in the recruitment process.

Applicant Tracking Systems

Staffing firm recruiters use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to organize candidate information. The ATS goes through resumes submitted online and stores the information in its database. When a recruiter receives a job order, they run a keyword search to find candidates with the necessary skills and qualifications. The ATS then comes up with a list of candidates whose resume contains the targeted keywords. The recruiter reviews each resume to see which candidates may be a good fit for the position. Then, the recruiter contacts the candidates to provide some background on the role and see whether they may be interested in learning more. Candidates who choose to move forward set up an interview with the recruiter. Those who advance meet with the hiring manager, a member of HR, or another company representative. The process continues until the position is filled.


Take the Guesswork Out of Hiring

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