Six Tips for Hiring Great Candidates in Minnesota

Your business’s goals are important. To reach them, you don’t want just any old employee. You need people who are passionate, motivated, focused and who share your company’s values and approach to work. Here are six ways to find those candidates.

  1. Improve your job descriptions. Job descriptions attract candidates that reflect the job description. A dull, lackluster, vague, or muddled description will attract dull, lackluster, vague, or muddled candidates – who are more likely to leave when they realize the job doesn’t fit their expectations. Be clear about the day-to-day demands of the job and the company’s values and culture.
  2. Reduce time to hire. Every day you spend seeking a new candidate is a day in which productivity is down and your existing staff are stressed by the need to “cover” for the open position. Reduce time to hire by working with a recruiter who can help screen candidates, improve your interview processes and commit to a timeline that encourages you to make decisions.
  3. Focus on soft skills. Technical expertise is important, but “soft skills” like communication, social intelligence, critical thinking and attention to detail are what separate the great employees from the merely competent ones. Make soft skills an equally important part of your hiring process to find the best talent.
  4. Go digital. The overwhelming majority of candidates want to work for companies that have embraced the digital world – and most of them are searching for jobs online or via mobile devices. A mobile-friendly applicant tracking platform and system can help you recruit these forward-thinking, motivated individuals, while participation on social media can help you maintain a strong employment brand that sets you apart from your competitors.
  5. Measure everything. Making some changes may improve your hiring process, but you won’t know which changes offer the best value for effort unless you keep track of how the change affects your hiring process. Set up metrics that allow you to track improvements (or lack of improvement) in the process.
  6. Work with a recruiter. With a staffing partner on your side, you can fine-tune your hiring process in order to find and keep better candidates in less time. Your recruiter can take on a number of hiring tasks, and will spend the time to understand your company’s culture in order to make the best possible match.

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