Perks That Will Attract Top Talent

When you’re looking to fill key positions in your organization, you want top talent – but so do your competitors.  How do you attract, hire and keep the best people in the field?  One way to do so is by offering traditional and non-traditional perks that make your offer stand out among those being considered by your top candidates.

Traditional perks include the various items in the offered salary and benefits package, including health coverage, retirement, and perhaps life insurance.  While these should be competitive within your industry, simply offering a larger salary may not be the most effective way to attract and retain top talent – or the most efficient use of your company’s money.

Non-traditional perks work on a simple rationale: keep your employees happy and able to maintain a comfortable work-life balance.  Employees who are feeling their best and can keep their homes running smoothly are more likely to be in top form when they arrive at work each day – making them more productive, more motivated, and more likely to stay with the organization for the long term.

Some non-traditional perks you may consider offering include:

  • Wellness programs.  Wellness programs go beyond traditional health insurance to offer free or discounted gym memberships, nutrition counseling, massages, anti-smoking programs, and other programs to improve health and well-being.
  • Flexible schedules.  Top candidates are often motivated self-starters who can handle the responsibility of setting their own schedules and choosing when and how to work.  Flexible hours, telecommuting, and work from home options can all play a role.
  • Time-saving services.  Employees who save time on tasks like child care, car washes, concierge services, or housecleaning can better focus on work – especially when a critical project is due.
  • Entertainment.  Help top employees balance stress by offering holiday parties, retreats, or perks like movie, sports, and concert tickets.  A well-appointed break room can also help relieve stress at work and give top talent a place to do their best creative thinking.

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