5 Signs You Need to Improve Company Culture to Attract Better Candidates

5 Signs You Need to Improve Company Culture to Attract Better Candidates

When candidates come across your job postings, they typically research your company. This includes what your company culture is like and whether they would fit with it. If the candidates uncover employer reviews that suggest toxicity, they likely will continue to search for other opportunities. This means you lose out on top talent. To resolve this issue, you need to modify your culture into one that supports employees and encourages them to work for your organization long-term.


Discover five ways your company culture may need improvement and some steps you can take to change it.


Lack of Communication

Your leaders may not be keeping their employees informed about company news, team performance, or other pertinent issues. If employees do not see the results of their efforts, they are likely to stop working hard.


You can improve this issue by encouraging leaders to communicate more with their employees. Some options include in-person, over the phone, or videoconference, email, instant message, or a messaging platform. This can increase collaboration, employee morale, and the attainment of business objectives.


High Levels of Conflict

There consistently may be interpersonal conflict among your employees. Your employees cannot effectively collaborate in an atmosphere of continuous discontent.


To combat this problem, clarify your expectations for employee conduct. They may include treating everyone with respect, assuming everyone has positive intentions, practicing active listening, and solving problems without blaming. Reinforcing your expectations teaches your employees to interact positively.


No Employee Recognition

Your company may not have a formal recognition program for employee achievements. Lack of appreciation can decrease motivation for employees to perform their best each day.


You can improve in this area by implementing an employee recognition program. This may include verbal praise, handwritten thank-you notes, or mentions during team meetings. Make sure the recognition is for a specific action. Include the steps the employee took and their impact on the organization.


Low Employee Performance

Your employees may not be reaching your standards and expectations for performance. Perhaps they are unaware of your key performance indicators (KPIs) or have not received feedback on their performance.


To fix this issue, clarify what is expected of your employees. For instance, they need to know the clearly defined behaviors they should be performing. Also, your employees must understand which tasks take precedence over the others. Additionally, consistently provide constructive feedback on your employees’ performance.


Elevated Employee Turnover

Members of your workforce may be leaving in great numbers. Reducing turnover is essential for success. This increases the time and money needed to recruit, onboard, and train new hires.


You can turn this around by promoting employee engagement. For instance, clarify the purpose of each employee’s job and how it relates to company goals. Also, get to know your employees on a personal level. The more you show an interest in their lives and well-being, the more likely they will perform at high levels in response.

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