Turnover Is at an All-Time High: 4 Tips for Minnesota Companies to Retain Top Talent

Turnover Is at an All-Time High: 4 Tips for Minnesota Companies to Retain Top Talent | The Right Staff

As we continue to return to a new normal, many employees are leaving their jobs for better opportunities. Having to shelter in place during the coronavirus pandemic caused many workers to reprioritize their career goals. As a result, companies need to strengthen their retention plans to keep as many employees as possible.


Four Ways to Keep the Best Talent at Your Company.


Openly Communicate

Maintain ongoing communication with your employees. This helps develop trust and respect among your team. For instance, ask how your staff members are doing as they navigate the ongoing changes in their lives. Also, have honest conversations about the importance of mental health. Remind everyone that resources are available, and asking for help is a sign of strength. Additionally, provide constructive feedback in real-time to improve work performance. Plus, be as transparent as possible with company news and developments.


Provide Flexibility  

Employees enjoy having control over their schedules. For instance, coming in later or leaving earlier can help avoid the rush hour commute. Also, working remotely at least a few days per week provides time to fit in personal responsibilities around their professional duties. Additionally, most staff members are more engaged and productive when working from home than at the office. Plus, the more they can manage work-life integration, the greater their job satisfaction and company loyalty.


Offer Professional Development

The best employees want employer-sponsored opportunities to enhance their professional development. Continuously adding to their skill sets means ongoing preparation to move to the next level in the organization. To accommodate, you can match each employee with a seasoned professional who can provide feedback, advice, and guidance for their career path. Also, consider implementing a learning management system so your staff members can enhance their skills and leadership abilities.


Promote Internally

Show clear career paths within your organization. Employees want to know which career opportunities there are and how to earn promotions. For instance, provide a list of the skills and requirements needed to reach the next level. Also, offer coaching and feedback to help your team members advance. Plus, provide the tools and resources needed to move up. Further, let staff members who want to make lateral moves job shadow or cross-train in other departments.

Partner with a Recruiter

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