Work and Life: The Importance of Encouraging Balance

“Work-life balance” has become a buzzword in human resources and management and for good reason. Study after study demonstrates that when employees have the support they need to recharge after a day’s work, they are more productive, more innovative, and more engaged while they’re on the job.  

Why Your Staff Need Work-Life Balance 

Work-life balance has emerged as one of the top workplace health concerns of the 21st century. The digital revolution expanded opportunities for greater productivity, but it also undermined the longstanding boundaries between the work world and personal life. 

Just a few decades ago, workers in every industry could leave work behind when they left the office for the day. Work phone calls would be waiting for them when they returned in the morning. Today, however, smartphones make it nearly impossible to “unplug” from work – or to get the rest needed to focus and create on the job. 

A healthy work-life balance helps employees reduce stress, thereby reducing the risk of burnout. Chronic stress leads to a host of physical and mental health issues that prevent workers from doing the best work, and that may also drive up employers’ healthcare spending.  

Ways to Encourage Work-Life Balance 

To improve work-life balance on your team: 

1. Ask the staff what they need. 

Do they need different schedules, more paid leave, more flexible work options? Often, the most innovative ideas come from those who are living in the problem that a work-life balance program seeks to solve. 

2. Promote efficiency, not hours logged. 

Staff tend to reach for the expectations given to them. If your workplace culture promotes long hours, your staff will work long hours. Reward employees for finding more efficient ways to do their weekly work, however, and they’ll seek efficiency – moving toward a better work-life balance as a result.  

3. Make it easier to meet work and life goals at the same time. 

Flextime, telecommuting, remote work, and similar programs allow your staff to balance work and life needs according to their specific requirements.  

Let us help!

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