Simplify Your Hiring Process: 6 Tips to Help You Attract the Twin Cities’ Top Talent

6 Tips to Help You Attract the Twin Cities' Top Talent

If you are losing your best candidates to your competitors, your hiring process may be the problem. The longer you take to communicate decisions, the more likely candidates will lose interest in working for you. This is why you need to reexamine your recruitment practices and make changes to increase efficiency and effectiveness.


Six Tips to Bring More of the Best Candidates in the Twin Cities to Your Company


Provide Clear Job Postings

Your job postings should be 300-700 words in 4-6 paragraphs. Start by describing your company, providing a clear job title, summarizing the role, and sharing what makes it attractive. Then, include the pay range, benefits, and perks that come with the position. After that, share 5 to 10 bullet points regarding the duties and responsibilities. Next, mention your five must-have requirements and several preferred ones. Conclude by describing your interview process, hiring timeline, and application instructions.


Streamline Your Application Process

Make sure candidates can easily apply through an online portal. Use the process yourself to determine how long it takes to upload a resume and confirm an application. If the process takes too long or other issues come up, they likely will lose interest and apply elsewhere.


Regularly Communicate

Maintain ongoing communication with each candidate. They need to know where they are at in the recruitment process and what the next steps are. This is especially important if it is taking longer than expected to make decisions. Candidates who are left out of the loop tend to find opportunities with other employers.


Speed Up Your Interview Process

Your interviews need to take place in as little time as possible. For instance, let candidates know how many interviews there are and how long they should take. Also, look for bottlenecks where it often takes a long time to make decisions. Talent commonly loses interest and drops out of the process during these times. Additionally, adhere to the timeline for when candidates should hear from you. This sets appropriate expectations and shows you follow through.


Market Your Employer Brand

Share what attracts employees to your company. Include why they love your culture and what they look forward to each day. For instance, mention some ways that management models company values. Also, discuss how your benefits and perks contribute to your top-notch work environment. Additionally, share photos, videos, stories, and testimonials about employee engagement in their jobs and company events. This can make a difference in who candidates decide to accept a job offer from.


Partner with a Local Staffing Agency

Working with a local staffing firm gives you access to top talent when you need it. The agency can send you several of its top candidates who want to learn more about your job opening. You conduct the interviews, negotiate a job offer through the agency, and bring your new hire aboard.


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