How to Write an Eye-Catching Job Description

First impressions make a huge difference. For job candidates, a company’s first impression is made in its job description.  

Job-seekers may scroll through dozens or even hundreds of job descriptions in a single sitting. To grab their attention, a job description needs to be clear, thorough, and speak in the company’s voice.  

Here’s how to make a job description stand out in all the right ways.  

1. Use a clear, well-recognized job title. 

A job title that clearly indicates what the position does can help ensure that only qualified, interested candidates, apply for the job. Titles like “Rockstar Marketing Specialist,” for instance, look interesting but don’t always convey the job’s actual demands – especially if the position would be better titled “Call Center Agent.”  

2. Use focused and direct language to describe tasks.  

Use the job description to help job-seekers imagine a “day in the life” in this particular position. Break down the day’s tasks and list them in bullet-point format, using concrete action verbs to head each list.  

For example, an advertisement for a call center agent might describe responsibilities like “Answer phones,” “Listen to and address customer needs,” and “Refer customers to appropriate department or manager when necessary.”  

3. Be the dream job. 

With access to so many job opportunities, most workers need a compelling reason to leave their current job or to change the trajectory of their current lives. A good job description will sell the company’s culture and the benefits of a particular job.  

One way to frame a section on benefits is to ask yourself the question, “What do I like best about working here?” Your answer can form the basis of descriptions of the company’s culture, attitude, camaraderie or other features.  

4. Get a second opinion before releasing the finished description.  

Finally, don’t hesitate to ask a trusted colleague to review a job description before posting it. Or reach out to someone outside your organization for their opinion.  

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