Company Culture Stagnant? How to Rethink (and Restart) Your Company Culture

Quick: List five words that describe your company’s culture.

If your thinking stalls, or the first words that come to mind are words like “stagnant,” “bland” or “confused,” it’s time to rethink – and reboot – your company culture.  Here’s how.

Start thinking about how culture applies to your team.

Your team know what they need to do. Culture is how they do it. Do your people tend to work together, or do they sequester themselves in individual offices or cubicles? When new ideas need to be generated, who does the generating? What process determines what the team will work on? How do people communicate with each other? How do they feel about deadlines, finished projects, failures and setbacks? How well do staff get along – and when they don’t, how do conflicts get handled?

Answering these questions can help you determine where your current culture is sitting and help you determine what you need to change in order improve your culture’s productivity and focus.

Integrate your company goals.

Next, look at your company’s mission and vision statements, along with the major goals your business has set for the coming year.  How does your current company culture support or contribute to these goals? Where has it actively hindered your company from achieving its goals in the past?

Keeping your company’s goals in mind, start making concrete plans for addressing some of the weak points in your company’s culture. What can you do to help your team cultivate the focus and outlook needed for maximum success?

Pick up the phone.

When you have a clear view of what your company culture needs to be, contact your staffing partner. Share your plans to improve your company’s culture, and ask them for feedback on the specific traits you need to look for in job candidates. Your staffing partner can help you find candidates who will boost your company’s culture, and help you prepare to interview candidates with culture in mind.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, we’re committed to connecting our clients to some of the best talent in Minnesota. Whether you’re working in the Twin Cities or beyond, we can help you find the people you need to build a thriving and productive company culture. Contact us today to learn more.

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