Should You Do Quarterly Evaluations in the Workplace?

Quarterly evaluations in the workplace provide many advantages over annual evaluations. Because the meetings are more frequent, there is additional time to guide change to attain desired results. As a result, your organization can become more adaptable and resilient.

Discover six reasons why you should hold quarterly evaluations in the workplace.

1. Quarterly Evaluations Support Decision-Making

Quarterly evaluations provide insight into your employees. These conversations help you understand what inspires and motivates your team and how you can best support them.

Developing a personal view of each employee and combining the quarterly evaluation results helps uncover patterns. Then, you can use this information to make more informed business decisions.

2. Quarterly Evaluations Provide a Sense of Purpose

Quarterly evaluations serve as guides for the activities on which employees should focus their time. Therefore, the evaluations contribute to a sense of purpose in the workplace.

Employees who continuously work toward their goals attain results. As a result, they should feel a sense of accomplishment as they contribute to the bigger picture.

3. Quarterly Evaluations Strengthen Engagement

Quarterly evaluations involve regularly checking in with your employees to discuss their performance. Providing time for employees to address their questions and concerns strengthens engagement and productivity. Therefore, your employees are likely to reach their goals and help move the company forward.

4. Quarterly Evaluations Elevate Performance

Quarterly evaluations help uncover issues, conflicts, and areas in which employees need support. Then, you can provide the necessary resources to resolve the issue before it grows.

5. Quarterly Evaluations Increase Goal Attainment

Quarterly evaluations ensure employees understand and are working toward their goals. Holding employees at all levels accountable for goal achievement supports business growth. These activities help the company fulfill its strategic initiatives.

6. Quarterly Evaluations Develop a Culture of Consistency

Quarterly evaluations, weekly check-ins, and regular feedback support consistency within your organization. Consistency builds accountability, trust, and cohesion and strengthens company culture.

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