Soft Skills Employers Are Looking for in Today’s Candidates

Soft Skills Employers Are Looking for in Today's Candidates | THE RIGHT STAFF

Are you looking for a way to stand out during your job search? Be sure to emphasize your soft skills both in your resume and during interviews.

Your soft skills demonstrate your ability to build relationships, work with others, and solve problems. These skills make your tasks easier and more efficient. They also show you are open to learning and advancing within an organization.

Share the Following Soft Skills in Your Resume and During Interviews to Help Land Your Next Role:


Employers want candidates who quickly adapt to change. This is especially important as the coronavirus pandemic continues. The need to adjust to evolving circumstances with little notice is especially valuable in today’s work environment.

Highlight in your resume and during interviews specific ways you have adapted to change at work. This may include learning new technology or effectively collaborating while working remotely. Show you have what it takes to adjust to new circumstances.


Hiring managers look for candidates who are capable of growing within an organization. These managers want team players who can collaborate well and help improve the team’s performance.

Include in your resume and during interviews examples of large projects you were in charge of. Also, demonstrate your desire to use the position as a starting point to become a leader in the company. This increases your odds of being offered the role.

Emotional Intelligence

Employers desire candidates who can perceive, evaluate, and respond to their own emotions and the emotions of others. This includes showing empathy and compassion for other employees. Appropriately responding to the increasing levels of stress, grief, and frustration during the pandemic is more important now than ever.

Discuss during interviews specific examples of how you demonstrate emotional intelligence at work. This may include how you helped with a colleague’s work tasks while they recovered from COVID. Or, it could include listening to a coworker talk about their increasing stress level and kindly suggesting they visit a therapist to avoid burnout.


Hiring managers seek candidates who share information in a clear, concise manner. This includes making eye contact, showing engagement, and asking questions to learn more and clarify understanding.  Communication must be done effectively in person, over the phone, or through videoconference, email, or instant messaging.

Share in your resume specific examples of how you effectively communicate at work. This may include how you remain connected with colleagues and your manager while working remotely. Or, it could include how you resolve disagreements with a teammate. Mention these examples during interviews to show you prioritize communication at work.

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