How To Polish Your Communications with a Potential Employer

How To Polish Your Communications with a Potential Employer

Every communication you have throughout the interview process is essential. You want to represent yourself in a manner that encourages the potential employer to hire you. Behaving professionally also shows you are serious about working for the organization. This increases your odds of receiving a job offer.


Follow these guidelines to enhance your performance during an interview with a Minneapolis employer.


Understand the Company

Research the organization well before your interview. For instance, know what the company does and the latest news about its products or services. Also, understand the job responsibilities and how they contribute to business goals. Plus, be ready to share specific examples of how you provided value for previous employers and how you can provide value for your next one.


Dress Appropriately

Choose the proper attire for the job you want. For instance, if you are interviewing for a light assembly job, khakis, slacks, or a skirt and a polo, button-down shirt, or dressy top should work. Wear steel-toed shoes in case you receive a tour of the factory. Or, if you want an accounting and finance job, a suit or dress likely are appropriate. Wear socks and polished shoes that go with your outfit. Also, make sure your hair is neatly styled, and any facial hair is trimmed. Plus, keep any makeup or accessories to a minimum. Dressing like you are part of the team shows you want the job.


Be Respectful

Show that you value everyone you come into contact with. Because they may become your coworkers, you want to make a great impression. For instance, smile, make eye contact and greet the people around you. Also, engage in small talk if the opportunity comes up. Additionally, get to know your interviewers while sharing some things about yourself. Plus, maintain body language that shows you are engaged with the people around you.


Write a Thank-You Note

Send a thank-you email to each potential employer. Express appreciation for the time they spent talking with you. Include three primary subjects that came up during the discussion. Reinforce some top reasons to hire you. Share that you look forward to hearing from them soon. This sets you apart from the candidates who do not send a note. It also impacts whether you move forward in the recruitment process.


Partner with a Recruiter

Let a recruiter from The Right Staff coach you on your resume, interview skills, and other parts of your job search. Contact us today

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