Skilled Trades Job Interview? Here’s What You Should Wear

An interview offers you an unparalleled chance to make an impression on a prospective employer.  Since it’s often the first impression that matters most, what you wear to a skilled trades interview becomes a powerful tool for projecting an image of skill, competence, and experience.

Every industry has expectations when it comes to dress and personal grooming, and the skilled trades are no different.  While you don’t have to invest in a perfectly tailored suit, you should wear clothing appropriate to the occasion.  Clean, pressed clothes are a must, as is good personal grooming and hygiene.  Also, remember to wear or bring outerwear appropriate for the weather – showing up to an interview soaking wet or cold will make it more difficult to come across as comfortable and confident.

For a skilled trades interview, “business casual” is appropriate attire that can help you feel more confident.  Business casual clothing is neat and crisp.  While it’s less formal than a suit, it should be “dressy” enough to make you feel appropriately dressed even if you bump into the company’s CEO in the elevator.  Business casual includes clothes like:

  • Pants or skirts.  For both men and women, khaki or dark slacks or pants work well as business casual wear.  Women may also choose to wear skirts in similar colors, which should fall at or below the knee.
  • Tops.  Long-sleeved, button-up dress shirts are appropriate for both men and women.  A woman may also choose to wear a sweater or cardigan; business-appropriate sweaters should cover any cleavage.  If the business has a particularly casual culture or is in a very hot climate, polo shirts may also be appropriate.
  • Footwear.  Shoes should be clean and polished.  Choose “dress” shoes over “athletic” shoes.  For women, a flat or a low heel is appropriate.
  • Accessories.  Belts should be low-key and fit correctly.  Women may also choose to wear simple jewelry, like small earrings or a necklace; however, less is more when it comes to business casual accessories.  Apart from wedding or class rings, men generally do not wear jewelry in business-casual settings, and it’s wise to avoid it in an interview unless you know the particular interviewer or company accepts it.

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