In-Person Interview for a Skilled Trade Job in Minneapolis? Here Is What to Wear!

In-Person Interview for a Skilled Trade Job in Minneapolis? Here Is What to Wear!

Landed a skilled trade job interview? It is normal to feel nervous and excited. When meeting with an interviewer, their first impression of you plays a part in whether you move forward in the recruitment process. This is why you need to have a proper appearance going into your meeting. How you dress and groom yourself impacts whether you get the job you want or need to keep looking.


Follow these guidelines to dress appropriately for your Minneapolis skilled trade interview.


Wear Business Casual Attire to the Interview

Since you likely will tour a plant or worksite, you want a clean, well-groomed appearance. Your clothes need to make an excellent first impression and be safe for the work area. Neatly pressed, clean, new-looking clothing free of tears, holes, and stains are a good option. A long-sleeved, button-down dress shirt with pressed khakis, dark pants, or jeans should be appropriate. Make sure your belt is understated, fits correctly, and matches your closed-toe or steel-toe shoes. Keep your jewelry to a minimum.


Maintain Proper Hygiene

Pay attention to the details of your physical presence. For instance, make sure your body and breath smell clean and fresh. Avoid using perfume or cologne or having gum or a mint in your mouth during your interview. Also, your hair, including any facial hair, should be adequately trimmed and styled. Additionally, make sure your fingernails are smooth and clean. Plus, cover up any tattoos and remove any facial piercings until you know whether they are acceptable in the workplace.


Contact the Company Before the Interview for Guidance

If you need additional guidance on how to dress for your interview, call the company. Your interviewer, the hiring manager, or a member of human resources should be able to help you. Be sure to find out whether you might have a facility or site tour or perform a field exam. Above all, you want to create an impression of cleanliness, attention to detail, and respectfulness to your potential employer. The pride you exhibit in your appearance reflects on the pride you take in your work.


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