Applying for a Job? How to Stand Out from Other Candidates in Minnesota

Any job search can be difficult. When you apply to any one job, you may be competing with hundreds of other candidates for that same position.  

Minnesota is a fast-growing US state, which means its job markets are also competitive. To be seen by hiring companies, it’s important to stand out from the average candidate. Here’s how to stand out in a way that encourages hiring managers to offer you the interview. 

1. Focus on your achievements, not your assignments.  

Many job-seekers will fill their resumes, cover letters, and applications with lists of the tasks they were assigned to do at previous jobs. Often, resume advice tells people to do precisely this. 

There’s just one problem: A list of assignments may tell a hiring manager what you were told to do, but it doesn’t tell a hiring manager what you actually did. 

Instead of focusing on your assignments, focus on what you accomplished. For instance, instead of stating that you were “assigned to clean 20 rooms per day” in a hotel housekeeping job, describe how many you actually cleaned: “Assigned to clean 20 rooms per day; averaged 23 rooms per day.” 

2. Put a number on it.  

Whenever you can, express your achievements in numerical terms. Numbers stand out when a hiring manager or recruiter looks over a resume. They also help recruiters and managers understand immediately what it was you accomplished. 

For instance, suppose you were responsible for creating a plan that made your department more efficient. Rather than saying that you “made the department more efficient,” use numbers to express how much more efficient it became: “Drafted a plan that improved departmental efficiency by 17 percent over six months.”  

3. Talk up your own value. 

Finally, put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes. What do they get from hiring you? What do you bring to the table, and how is that different from what other candidates might offer? 

Zero in on one or two strengths that you really enjoy applying on the job, and use those to talk about the value you bring to the job. For example, if you love helping people, you might say “In all my past jobs, I was praised for my helpfulness and patience when dealing with customers. It’s the part I enjoy most about my work, and that’s why I’m interested in working in a customer service position that lets me help others full-time.”  

Looking for a new job in Minnesota?

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