Determining If a Hybrid Position Is Right for You

Determining If a Hybrid Position Is Right for You | THE RIGHT STAFF

Many companies are letting their employees work a hybrid schedule. This lets the employees enjoy the benefits of working both onsite and remotely.

However, taking on a hybrid position is not appropriate for every employee. They may struggle to adjust to the transition between working onsite and offsite. Or, they simply may be better suited to a completely in-office role.

If you’re considering a hybrid position, take the time to determine whether it’s right for you. The following suggestions can help.

Follow these guidelines to determine whether a hybrid role is appropriate for you.

Analyze the Brand and Culture

Determine what the brand and culture are like. This includes whether the organization traditionally had a remote workforce or recently embraced a hybrid schedule. These factors impact whether the company may be struggling to maintain its culture.

For instance, uncover whether leaders work remotely some of the time. Also, find out whether there are specific days where team members work in the office or from home. Additionally, determine whether compensation is based on skills and experience rather than the amount of time spent working onsite or offsite. The answers will impact your decision about taking the role.

Find Out What the Hybrid Environment Is Like

Use part of your interview to talk about what the company’s hybrid office looks like. For instance, ask how the employees are handling the transition between working onsite and remotely. Also, determine whether you would need to stay the entire day if you worked onsite. Additionally, uncover the types of technology used, the frequency of team and leader communications, and how the team members collaborate. This information will affect whether you want to work for the company.

Learn About the Schedule

Find out whether you would need to work during certain hours. You may be able to set your own schedule while working remotely. This would increase your ability to fit in your personal and professional responsibilities each week. It also would impact your ability to maintain work-life balance.

Determine Which Employees Work Hybrid

Ask the interviewer whether employees at all levels can work a hybrid schedule. If they can, find out whether upper management typically chooses to do so. If they do not, it may be a sign that hybrid employees often do not advance in the organization as quickly as onsite employees. If upper management usually does work hybrid, you should be able to do the same and have opportunities to be promoted.

Discuss Performance Measurements

Find out how success in the role will be measured. This provides insight into the types of professional development and resources for support that may be available. It also indicates what you would need to do to earn a raise, receive a promotion, and reach your career goals.

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