Is There Such a Thing as Work-Life Balance?

Work-life balance may be something you often talk about with colleagues, family, and friends. Many employees like the term because it implies having control over their time. However, the fact is that not everything can be controlled. There will be times when work commitments have to reduce time at home, and personal responsibilities have to reduce time at work. Because there cannot be a proper balance between work and life, feelings of dissatisfaction with life often result. This is why the concept of work-life balance needs to be reframed into something more achievable.

Why Work-Life Balance is a Myth and How it Can be Altered to Become an Attainable Goal


Change Work-Life Balance to Work-Life Blend

If you think of work-life balance as a seesaw, there is a lot on one side and a little on the other. If work is going well, your home life may not be. Or, if things are great at home, they might be taking away from things at work. This causes disharmony. However, if you view work and life as a blend, you can more effectively manage both. For instance, if you have a temporary health concern, you can take a break from work to see a doctor and pick up a prescription, then finish your work in the evening. Or, if you volunteered for your child’s holiday party, you can work ahead in the morning and be at school in the afternoon.


Prioritize Happiness in All Areas of Life

Work and life are not different things. Because work is part of life, your goal should be to achieve happiness in all areas of life. For instance, instead of separating your life, focus on loving it as a whole. Giving your all at both work and home helps you feel fulfilled. If you are happy at work, you come home feeling energized. Likewise, if you are comfortable at home, you come to work feeling energized. Also, rather than a finish line to aim at, see your life as a circle you complete. You are at the center of the circle, which includes everything you do and care about. This helps you be genuinely present no matter where you are or what you are doing, which leads to genuine life enjoyment.


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