Stop Relying on Luck! Find a Job in Minnesota with These Tips

Stop Relying on Luck! Find a Job in Minnesota with These Tips

It takes more than luck to find a great job. You need to customize your LinkedIn profile to match your resume. You also have to learn all you can about the position from other employees in the organization. Plus, you should send a thank-you note after each interview. Taking action in these areas improves your odds of being able to find a job.


Use these tips to increase your chance to find a job with a top Minnesota company.


Point Out How You Are a Fit

Make it extremely clear why you are the most qualified candidate for the role. For instance, study the job description and other information in the posting. Include the most critical keywords and phrases in your cover letter and resume. Point out how you have the top skills, experience, and qualifications mentioned.


These actions should get your resume past an applicant tracking system (ATS) and to a member of the hiring team. They should see that you can deliver what they are looking for. This will likely result in them contacting you for an interview.


Schedule Informational Interviews

Use LinkedIn to set up a time to meet with potential teammates of the company you want to work for. For instance, learn all you can about the organization, culture, and position. Find out what attracts and keeps employees and what they like best about the company. Include follow-up questions to clarify your understanding of what was said and gather more details.


Before finishing your conversation, ask whether the employee will refer you to the hiring manager. The employee can share what makes you well-qualified for the job opening. The manager will likely want to meet with you because you have a potential teammate advocating for you. This increases your odds of being offered the role.


Update LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn profile should match the information given in your resume. The more closely your information matches the requirements for the roles you want, the more likely you are to land an interview. Be sure to modify your profile wording, move around critical terms, and change your bullet points to match your resume.


Send Thank-You Notes

Email a message of thanks to each interviewer. Let them know you appreciate the time they took to talk with you. Also, mention three main points you discussed and why you are the most qualified candidate. This helps the interviewers recall the conversation and the reasons why you should be offered the role. Share that you look forward to hearing from the interviewers soon.


Partner with a Staffing Firm

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