Freshen Up Your LinkedIn Profile With These Helpful Tips

When employers receive an application from a promising candidate, they often turn to LinkedIn to gather more information. Your LinkedIn profile can serve as a repository of career information, allowing you to expand on the highlights you provided in a resume or cover letter.

To make the right impression on LinkedIn, keep your profile updated with these tips:

  1. Add or Update a Photo

A clean, professional-looking photo on LinkedIn instantly personalizes your profile, turning it from a collection of facts about a stranger into a history of a promising job candidate. You don’t have to pay a professional to take your photo, either: Get a similar result by standing in front of an empty wall and having a friend take photos that include your head and shoulders.

  1. Use Your Headline and Summary to Express Your Goals

Many people waste the value of the headline and summary sections on LinkedIn by listing their current job or repeating information in their cover letter. Instead, use these to express your value as a professional. Incorporate keywords related to the job and industry you want, and explain why you’re the ideal choice for any company that needs professionals in your field.

  1. Recommend and Endorse Your Colleagues

LinkedIn’s recommendation and endorsement tools allow you to leave public praise for people in your professional network. Using these tools demonstrates to LinkedIn visitors that you’re engaged with others in your field. Also, leaving recommendations and endorsements for others often encourages that person to return the favor. Gathering recommendations and endorsements enhances your own profile and makes you more attractive to potential employers.

  1. Ask for a Personalized Review

Once you’ve updated your LinkedIn profile, ask a trustworthy friend or colleague to take a look at it. A second review can help you spot details you might have overlooked, such as a typo or a confusing statement. Or ask your recruiter to have a look at your profile and recommend ways to improve it further.

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