How to Find a Job You Actually Love Doing! 5 Tips for Minnesota Professionals

How to Find a Job You Actually Love Doing! 5 Tips for Minnesota Professionals

Finding the right job can be challenging even for top Minnesota professionals. You want a good blend with where you are in your career and where you want to go in the future. Your job also has to fit your qualifications and interests so you remain long-term. Otherwise, you will have to start the process over again if your job does not work out. Fortunately, having a plan of action can guide your steps and increase your success in landing the right position.


Follow these five tips to find a job you love in Minnesota.


Decide on the Job You Want

Determine which type of role best aligns with your skills, experience, interests, and needs. If you are unsure which path to pursue, you may want to complete a career assessment to gain some ideas. If you still cannot decide, you could receive career coaching or counseling to find a path to pursue.


Set Up Informational Interviews

Use LinkedIn and other social media platforms to see whether you know employees at the companies you want to work for. Ask them for information and insight on the organizations and the jobs. Request that your connections refer you to the hiring manager as well. This increases your odds of landing an interview.


Prepare Questions for the Interviewer

Consider which aspects of the position or company you want to ask the interviewer about. For instance, “Which types of skills is the team missing that you would like to fill with a new hire?” Or, “Do you expect the core responsibilities for this role to change in the next six to twelve months?” Asking questions shows you are engaged in the conversation and interested in the position.


Consider the Company Culture

Learn all you can about the company mission, vision, and values and how well the employees model them. Think about whether you would fit with the organization’s way of doing things. For instance, pay attention to how the organization is structured. Also, find out whether there are opportunities for advancement. Additionally, include what the work schedule is like. Plus, determine whether the hours fit with your personal life. Plus, read employer reviews on Glassdoor and other online platforms to see what it like working for the company.


Evaluate Your Job Offer

Consider whether you truly want the position and will be happy doing the work. For instance, include whether the role will move you along your career path. Also, think about whether the salary and benefits align with your expectations and needs. Additionally, determine whether the position provides the work-life balance you need. If you have any concerns, talk with the person who extended the job offer to see whether you can negotiate parts of it to better fit your needs. If not, you may want to continue looking for another opportunity.


Want Help with Your Job Search?

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