Companies Are Focusing on Skills. What You Can Do to Stand Out

Companies Are Focusing on Skills. What You Can Do to Stand Out

Tight labor markets mean companies are focusing more on skills than degrees when hiring in 2024. Knowing what you can do to stand out during your job search increases the likelihood of securing interviews.

Companies Are Creating Skills-Based Models

A company with a skills-based model uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to create a database of employee skills. Hiring managers use this database to predict which employees would perform well in a role based on their potential.

Employers typically prioritize behavioral skills over technical skills. They focus on hiring agile employees who can learn the most in-demand skills, problem-solve, and communicate their findings. These activities provide additional value to the organization.

Benefits of Skills-Based Hiring

Skills-based hiring provides many benefits for employers and employees:

  • Increased job opportunities
  • More transparent job application process
  • Wider candidate pools
  • Less competition for the same candidates
  • More diverse workforces
  • Greater professional development opportunities
  • Stronger productivity, employee morale, and retention
  • Better adaptability, efficiency, and innovation

Since companies are focusing on skills, learn what you can do to stand out during a job search.

Emphasize Your Skills on LinkedIn

Most employers use LinkedIn to find skills-based candidates for open roles. Therefore, you should highlight your most in-demand skills that can benefit companies.

Use job postings and career sites to determine which skills industry employers are looking for. Then, provide examples and data to show you have these skills.

Tailor Your Resume

When applying for roles, customize your resume according to the skills listed in the job description:

  • Highlight sections such as “Core Skills” or “Areas of Expertise.”
  • List a relevant skill with an example and data to demonstrate your proficiency.
  • Add bullet points outlining your role-related experience.
  • Show how your skills and personality qualify you for the role.

Use Skills-Based Keywords

Review the job description to determine which skills-based keywords are relevant to the role. Use these keywords throughout your resume.

Emphasizing your skills helps clarify the value you would provide the organization. These details show why you should be contacted for an interview.

Discuss Your Skills During Interviews

Share during interviews specific ways your skills can add value to the company. Include stories about how you applied these skills in previous roles and the impact on the organization. Show that you can use your skills to benefit your next employer.

Would You Like Additional Help to Stand Out During Your Job Search?

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