Why Minnesota Companies Should Have a Hiring Plan for 2022 and How to Create One

Why Minnesota Companies Should Have a Hiring Plan for 2022 and How to Create One

Creating a strategic hiring plan requires business leaders to consider next year’s goals and whether your company’s existing talent meets its needs. The process involves what the following year’s strategic initiatives are, when specific roles should be filled, and whether the positions can be adequately funded. Advance planning helps you maintain business operations and reach company goals.


Follow these guidelines to create a 2022 hiring plan for your St. Paul company.


Gather Your Leadership Team

Your leaders and their direct reports are responsible for staffing and budgeting for their teams. Their input is needed to set business goals and determine the talent and department budgets required to reach them. This information is put into a spreadsheet with the financials and budget for each role and department.


Set Financial Goals

Your leaders are responsible for determining your 2022 financial goals. Go over your 2022 spreadsheets broken down by cost center. Your hiring plan will be based on your expected revenue. Use these budgets to plan for each line of business. For instance, your sales team may have revenue targets to close $10 million in annual contracts. Your hiring plan needs to help the VP of Sales reach this goal. For instance, five new account executives may need to be hired in Q2 and Q3.


Find Your Headcount

Your talent acquisition measurement will drive your workload in 2022. To determine your staffing needs, begin by performing a skills gap analysis. Determine which skills you need to hire for and how involved your CEO will be. There may be more involved with startups and small businesses and less with medium or large companies. Include your talent acquisition manager as well. They consistently talk with candidates and know what the market for compensation is. As a result, your talent acquisition manager can help create more accurate hiring budget forecasts.


Determine Your Hiring Velocity

Figure out how quickly employees need to be hired. For instance, if your staff needs to grow by 100 people in 2022, your talent acquisition manager must know that they have the necessary resources to succeed. This includes knowing which roles need to be filled, how quickly the process can be completed, and how many hires can be delivered in one quarter. The manager may need to involve a staffing firm recruiter to streamline the workflow better.


Turn to The Right Staff

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