5 Common Misconceptions About Staffing Firms That Job Seekers Need to Know

5 Common Misconceptions About Staffing Firms That Job Seekers Need to Know

As the demand for talent continues to increase, staffing firms have become a vital part of companies’ talent acquisition strategies. Many firms provide high-caliber talent for temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct placement positions. This is one reason why more job seekers than ever are deciding to find work through a staffing firm.

Five Common Misconceptions about Staffing Firms that You Should Know


Misconception #1: All temporary roles are entry-level.

Fact: There are temporary positions in almost every industry that require highly skilled professionals. Some of the fastest-growing segments of the staffing industry include healthcare, information technology, accounting and finance, marketing, human resources, and executive-level leadership. Temporary workers are needed to fill these positions when employees take a vacation, become ill, or are out on leave.


Misconception #2: Staffing firms place only temporary workers.

Fact: Staffing firms customize their services according to their clients’ workforce needs. Along with temporary positions, the firms also place workers in temp-to-hire positions, which may lead to permanent jobs, and direct placement roles, which are permanent from the start.


Misconception #3: Temporary workers just fill in for absent employees.

Fact: Many employers use temporary workers to provide additional support during busy times or help with short-term projects. These workers may have specialized skills that the manager needs to complete specific tasks.


Misconception #4: It costs money to find a job through a staffing firm.

Fact: Job seekers do not pay to work with staffing firms. The clients pay the firms to find them qualified candidates for roles. As a result, it is in the staffing firms’ best interest to find you a job.


Misconception #5: Staffing firms do not offer benefits.

Fact: Most staffing firms offer competitive benefits such as health insurance, a retirement plan, and holiday pay. For example, the Right Staff provides medical, dental, vision, short-term disability, and term life insurance, holiday pay, a scholarship program for eligible employees, and vacation bonuses.


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