6 Reasons You Should Work With a Staffing Firm to Find Your Next Job

Just graduated from college? Recently pink-slipped? Looking for the next step on your career path and realizing it’s not with your current company?

It may be time for you to connect with a staffing firm—and here are six excellent reasons why:

Access to “the inside scoop” on job openings.

Staffing firms not only post job openings, they also pay close attention to the companies they serve. They often know when a job will be available before it is posted, and they can help you be ready to apply the moment the opportunity arises.

Instant expansion of your professional network.

Staffing partners thrive on relationships. When you work with a staffing firm, you gain access to the recruiters’ professional networks – and a person who can make the introductions you need.

One-on-one feedback on your interview skills and resume from an expert in the field.

Your recruiter can help you fine-tune your resume, polish your interview skills and ensure you give the best possible impression at every stage of the hiring process.

Industry and location focus.

Working in a particular industry?  Want to stay in Minneapolis? Choose a recruiter who focuses on your field and your city to “dig deep” into the best available jobs.

Want to make money while you look for a permanent position? We can help.

Temporary or contract work can help build your resume, “test-drive” potential employers, add people to your professional network and provide the free time to keep searching for your dream job. And you get paid to do it! Talk to your recruiter about contract work to fill the gap while you and your staffing firm look for the right job for you.

Ongoing career support.

Good recruiters won’t cut you loose when you land your dream job. You’ll still have your staffing partner in your corner to provide information, share your victories and help you reach the next step in your career path when you’re ready to move.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our recruiters specialize in connecting job seekers to some of the best employers and job openings in Minneapolis. If you’re looking for a new job, contact us today to learn more.

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