The Importance of Keeping Your Social Media Accounts Professional

The Importance of Keeping Your Social Media Accounts Professional | THE RIGHT STAFF

Keeping your social media accounts professional is important. This impacts your ability to secure and maintain a job.

A 2020 survey by The Harris Poll revealed that 70% of the employers who responded stated that every company should screen candidates’ social media profiles during the hiring process. Also, 78% of employers believed that employees should maintain professional social media accounts.

As a result, most employers review candidates’ social media profiles and activity when making hiring decisions. These reviews involve what the candidates posted, shared, liked, and commented on. Red flags include the sharing of illegal activities, offensive comments, violent or aggressive behavior, sexually explicit material, and confidential information.

Although employers can check any public social media accounts, they typically check LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. However, some employers also check Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, or other platforms to learn who candidates are and whom they interact with.

As a result, it is important you keep your social media accounts professional. These methods can help.

Implement these tips to keep your social media accounts professional.

Google Yourself

Google your name every few weeks or months to evaluate your online reputation. Determine whether the information is accurate and something you would like employers to see.

If you uncover information that is incorrect or unprofessional, ask the poster to remove it. Otherwise, seek a company that can help improve your online presence.

Consider setting up Google Alerts for your name. You can be notified if anything comes up.

Monitor Your Social Media Accounts

Ensure the content in your social media accounts is what you want employers to see:

  • LinkedIn: Make sure your profile is updated and complete, you have connections in your industry, and you create, share, and comment on industry-related content.
  • Facebook: Pay attention to what is posted on your wall, the content you are tagged in, and the comments on your posts.
  • Twitter: Make a favorable impression with tweets that express your best self.
  • Instagram: Keep your page positive and professional. Showcase your personality and attitude.
  • TikTok: Create videos that provide a sense of who you are and how you work with others.

Know What Not to Post on Social Media

Avoid posting offensive words and content on your social media accounts:

  • Profanity
  • Inappropriate photos
  • Personal attacks
  • Negative information about past or present employers
  • Anything you do not want an employer to see

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