How Building Your LinkedIn Can Help Boost Your Job Searching Efforts

How Building Your LinkedIn Can Help Boost Your Job Searching Efforts | THE RIGHT STAFF

Your LinkedIn is not something you should fill out and forget about. It also should not consist of incomplete bits of information copied and pasted from your resume.

LinkedIn is not a typical social media platform. It is the platform hiring managers and recruiters commonly use to source and vet candidates.

As a result, your LinkedIn must be fully built and maintained at all times. This helps you connect with other industry professionals, stay current on companies and professional events, and find opportunities for career growth.

Building your LinkedIn is especially important during a job search. You never know when you might be connected with your dream job.

Discover Four Ways Building Your LinkedIn Can Help Boost Your Job Search Efforts 

Establish Credibility and Trust

Having a fully developed LinkedIn demonstrates how important your career is to you. Sharing your knowledge, skills, experience, and achievements shows your career development and goal attainment.

Prioritization of learning and development helps build credibility and trust with hiring managers and recruiters. This encourages managers and recruiters to reach out about opportunities that fit your goals and interests. You could land your dream job this way.

Network with Industry Professionals

Your complete and updated LinkedIn helps you connect with other professionals in your field. You can exchange ideas, ask and answer questions, and share professional opportunities that may be of interest.

Helping other professionals advance in their career paths helps you advance in yours. You could be introduced to hiring managers, recruiters, or other professionals who can help you land the role you desire.

Connect with Hiring Managers and Recruiters

Most hiring managers and recruiters use LinkedIn to source and vet candidates. Having your profile completely and accurately filled out helps these managers and recruiters match you with relevant positions.

Ensure your education, skills, work experience, projects, accomplishments, and endorsements are displayed on your LinkedIn. This encourages hiring managers and recruiters to contact you for an interview.

Stay Updated on Professional Opportunities

Maintaining your LinkedIn helps you remain current on opportunities that fit your skills, goals, and interests. Since most hiring managers and recruiters share job openings on the platform, you can learn about these opportunities as they become available.

You can research the company and role to determine whether they are a good fit for you. You also can apply through LinkedIn and wait to hear about a potential interview.

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