Need New Hires? The Benefits of a Referral System

Need New Hires? The Benefits of a Referral System | THE RIGHT STAFF

Are you looking for access to passive candidates and higher-quality hires? Do you want stronger employee engagement and better company culture? If so, using an employee referral system may be the answer.

A referral system can help you more effectively find qualified new hires than by using job boards alone. This is why you should use a referral system to fill your hiring needs.

Discover the benefits of using a referral system to find qualified new hires:

Access to Passive Candidates

Your employees likely know high-performing individuals who enjoy their jobs but are willing to look into other opportunities. Although these individuals typically do not look for jobs on their own, they should be open to what a family member or friend has to say.

Because these passive candidates are not actively seeking jobs, you face less competition when encouraging them to work for you. Offering attractive compensation, benefits, and perks increases the odds of having these referrals work for you.

Greater Quality of Hire

The candidates you meet through a referral system typically fit your company’s culture and job qualifications. This means you can spend less time interviewing these candidates than candidates you meet through their resumes.

Your employees understand that the quality of their referrals directly reflects on them. As a result, they likely will not provide poor-quality referrals who may become bad hires.

Your employees should carefully consider an individual’s skills and experience before referring them to you. They also can help their referrals prepare for interviews by providing insight into the company, job duties, and responsibilities.

Stronger Employee Engagement

Asking your employees to use your referral system involves them in decision-making that directly affects them and the company. The ability to impact the team’s structure and direction increases employee engagement and job satisfaction.

Your employees appreciate contributing to the organization beyond their typical job duties and responsibilities. This provides a feeling of ownership over the company’s success.

Provide a financial incentive for each employee whose referral is hired and remains for a set time. This promotes employee appreciation and productivity. It also increases employee attraction and retention.

Better Company Culture

Your employees tend to spend time with others who share their personality traits, values, and interests. As a result, referring qualified individuals to you means they likely blend with your company’s culture.

Employees who provide referrals tend to be happy with their company’s culture. This means the employees would enjoy seeing and working with their referrals.

Need Help Finding New Hires?

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