Reasons to Consider a Career in Logistics and Supply Chain

Reasons to Consider a Career in Logistics and Supply Chain | THE RIGHT STAFF

Logisticians oversee the allocation, distribution, and delivery of products. They ensure the goods are available to consumers when and where needed.

Supply chain professionals may oversee production and delivery to ensure smooth business operations. Or, they might work as buyers or procurement managers at retail stores.

There is high demand for both logisticians and supply chain professionals. You can find steady, well-paying work in either field in areas such as Minneapolis.

Discover eight reasons to consider a career in logistics and supply chain.

Steady Job Growth

Logistics and supply chain are rapidly expanding fields. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates a 28% increase in jobs between 2021 and 2031.

Competitive Compensation

Logistics and supply chain employees are well compensated for their work. These employees provide significant value to virtually every area of life.

Low Barrier to Entry

Many logistics and supply chain jobs do not require an advanced degree. You can work in either field and decide whether to pursue secondary education for additional career opportunities.

Paid Internships

You may be able to land a paid internship at a logistics and supply chain company. This can help you secure full-time employment when your internship is complete.

Significant Specializations

Logistics and supply chain careers offer specialization in wholesaling, transportation, warehousing, customer service, postal services, and other subsectors. You might work for large corporations, small businesses, nonprofit organizations, or local or federal government entities. Common industries include manufacturing, retail, and healthcare.

International Travel

Many logistics and supply chain jobs involve frequent international travel. This can be beneficial if you want to enter the field of international business.

Transferrable Skills

Logistics and supply chain professionals develop skills that can help them enter other fields. These skills include forecasting, workflow optimization, general management, problem-solving, and financial planning.

Career Satisfaction

A career in logistics and supply chain can be rewarding. Among the reasons are steady employment, high income, and opportunities for growth. Many jobs can be done remotely, making them even more attractive.

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