Coon Rapids Career Spotlight: Collection Agent

Coon Rapids Career Spotlight_ Collections Agent

Have you ever thought about becoming a collection agent? This role has basic requirements for education and experience, and the majority of training is on-the-job. If you have excellent people skills, are adept at negotiation, and continuously work to reach goals, this job may be for you.

Discover what a collection agent does, which education and skills are needed, and how you can secure a role. 


What Does a Collection Agent Do?

A collection agent recovers outstanding payments, loans, or bills from businesses, organizations, and customers.  When working in this role, you may collaborate with staff in accounts receivables, sales, and legal departments to develop strategies for collection processes and procedures. Additionally, the collection agent identifies accounts with overdue payments and keeps records of the amount owed and the length of delinquency. They call the debtors to discuss their overdue payments and find out why the debt is outstanding. The collection agent arranges payment plans to get the accounts current and eventually pay off the debts. They process the payments, adjust the accounts, and maintain records of customer interactions. The collection agent uses the information to create financial documents for management.


What Education and Experience Do You Need to Become a Collection Agent?

To be a collection agent you need a high school diploma or GED and experience as a customer service representative or a call agent. Courses in communication, accounting, computer skills, or an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree may be helpful. Depending on who you work for, a designation of Professional Collection Specialist (PCS), Certified Healthcare Collector (CHC), Commercial Collections Specialist (CCS), or Healthcare Collection Management (HCM) might be beneficial. Additionally, you need advanced listening, speaking, negotiation, problem-solving, and persuasion skills. Also, having patience, diligence, and emotional intelligence also is helpful. Training for this typically lasts one to three months. During this time, you will be trained on the call center software, debt collection laws and regulations, common debtor issues, negotiation tactics, and the company’s debt management and other operational policies.


How Can You Find a Collection Agent Role in Coon Rapids, MN?

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