How to Curb Candidates from Ghosting Your Opportunities

How to Curb Candidates from Ghosting Your Opportunities | THE RIGHT STAFF

Are a significant number of candidates not showing up for your interviews? Or, are they not responding to your job offers?

This is becoming an even bigger problem as jobs continue to open up during The Great Resignation. It makes the hiring process even more unpredictable and costly than before.

Many candidates who were ghosted by an employer believe that ghosting an interviewer is acceptable. The significant number of job openings also has candidates comparing offers to find the one that best fits their needs and interests. These candidates often accept offers without turning down the offers from other employers.

Fortunately, you can implement a strategy with multiple touchpoints to elevate the candidate experience. This encourages candidates to engage in your hiring process for as long as possible until the selected candidate accepts a job offer.

Implement These Tips to Reduce the Number of Candidates Who Ghost Your St. Paul Company:

Learn Candidates’ Goals

Ask your candidates open-ended questions to see what their goals are. This provides a sense of what they are looking for professionally.

Use your findings to show potential career paths within your organization. This encourages candidates to continue to want to work for your company.

As you get to know your candidates’ personalities, demonstrate how they blend with your company culture. Candidates who blend with the culture are likely to fit with your team and be successful in your organization.

Maintain Communication

Keep your candidates informed about where they are in the interview process. This includes the next step and when they should expect to hear from you.

Be sure to follow up at the appropriate time. This shows you follow through. You may want to use an automated solution to ensure candidates remain informed about your decisions.

Regularly touching base with your candidates keeps them engaged in your hiring process. You are more likely to bring aboard the candidate of your choice when you stay in contact with them.

Hire Quickly

Keep your hiring process as short as possible. This includes having a small group of decision-makers and as few interviews as possible.

The fewer the individuals involved, the faster the hiring decisions can be made. The smaller the number of interviews, the less time it takes to select the right candidate.

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