DEI and Hiring: 4 Ways Minnesota Companies Can Have a More Inclusive Hiring Process

DEI and Hiring: 4 Ways Minnesota Companies Can Have a More Inclusive Hiring Process

Like many companies, you may be focused on increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in your organization. Hiring diverse employees provides fresh ideas and perspectives to boost innovation. Advocating for equity promotes greater opportunities for women and people of color to grow their careers. Additionally, offering inclusive programs shows you value your entire workforce and want them to remain with your organization long-term.


Implement these four actions to increase DEI in your St. Paul company’s hiring process.


Create Inclusive Job Descriptions

Ensure your job descriptions use language that appeals to various candidates. This increases the diversity of your applicant pool.

  • Use gender-neutral words to attract people of all genders and backgrounds. Leave out words such as “rock star,” which tends to attract more male applicants, or “nurture,” which tends to attract more female applicants.
  • Include short sentences and everyday language to describe the job duties and responsibilities. This helps job seekers understand what you are looking for and whether they qualify.
  • Just include the top three to five most important skills for the job. This encourages more women and people of color to apply.
  • Additionally, be sure to use fonts that help people with dyslexia or related issues read and understand your job description.


Widen Your Candidate Search

Advertise your job openings in places where your top candidates spend a significant amount of time. This increases diversity in the education, background, and experience levels of your candidate pool.

  • Hold job fairs at colleges and universities other than those you usually recruit for entry-level positions.
  • Post on job boards different from the main ones that employers use.
  • Share your job openings on the social platforms your target candidates use most.

Conduct Inclusive Interviews

Create an interview process focused on DEI. This makes these qualities more visible in your workforce.

  • Organize a diverse panel of interviewers.
  • Emphasize the steps your company is taking to make DEI more visible throughout your organization.
  • Use the same interview questions and scoring rubric to evaluate candidate answers.


Create an Inclusive Company Culture

Promotion of DEI from the top-down helps develop an attractive culture. This increases your attraction and retention of diverse employees.

  • Implement steps to develop and maintain a diverse, equal, and inclusive work environment.
  • Train managers to ask their employees about specific things they can do to help them thrive.
  • You should also offer employee resource groups (ERGs) that support employees in specific groups.


Need to Increase DEI in Your Hiring Process?

Partnering with a staffing firm can help to improve your hiring process. Interested in learning more? Partner with The Right Staff to help increase DEI in your organization. Talk with us today! 

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