Workplace Safety Training Topics That Are Essential for Your Twin Cities Light Industrial Team

Workplace Safety Training Topics That Are Essential for Your Twin Cities Light Industrial Team | THE RIGHT STAFF

June is National Safety Month. Because the safety of your workers is so important, an entire month is dedicated to raising awareness of the issue.

Since there are a significant number of safety training topics out there, you may be wondering which ones to focus on first. The following suggestions can help.

Choose among these workplace safety topics to train on to increase the well-being of your Twin Cities light industrial team.

Workplace Violence Prevention

Your team needs to be trained to recognize the risk factors and signs of potential workplace violence. This is because a significant number of active shooter incidents occur in the workplace. Also, women often are the target of domestic violence while they are working.

For instance, share that warning signs of violence include excessive alcohol or drug use, behavioral changes that include poor job performance, violations of company policy, and overreaction to feedback or evaluations. Also, create a supportive environment where your employees feel comfortable talking with you about personal concerns regarding violence. Encourage them to share with you any threats they receive. Take action if an employee’s domestic partner unexpectedly shows up in your workplace.

Health Resources

Employees have a greater need than ever for mental and physical health resources. The increasing challenges at both work and home are causing increased stress, anxiety, and depression. These and other mental health concerns can lead to burnout.

Train your team to recognize the signs of addiction and substance abuse. Also, teach them about suicide intervention and prevention. Plus, share the importance of daily self-care and some tips to practice it at work.

Equipment Safety

Even the most experienced employees need training on equipment safety. They need to know what each piece of equipment does and what its safety features are.

For instance, train your team to ensure the equipment they use is right for the job. Also, show what the safety features are and how to ensure they are working. Plus, require the wearing of personal protective equipment such as a hard hat, earplugs, or gloves when appropriate.

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