Five Tips to Making Sure You Have the Safest Workplace Possible

A safe workplace contributes to a company’s bottom line. When good workplace safety practices are followed, lost productivity due to injury and illness is kept to a minimum. Workers are better able to engage with their work, free of concerns that they’ll be injured in spite of their own best efforts. When an organization stays compliant with safety laws and regulations, the risk of fines is reduced.

Here are five ways to boost safety in your workplace

  1. Never Take Shortcuts

A shortcut is the long way around when it comes to accident costs. To avoid them, plan extra time for projects and train staff to focus on doing the job correctly every single time.

One way to help discourage the use of shortcuts is to ensure that your team has clear, complete instructions before they begin. Clarify that the right thing to do when faced with a question is to ask for help, not to take a shortcut.

  1. Focus on Vehicle Safety

OSHA estimates that vehicle accidents cost US businesses $60 billion each year in medical costs, repair bills and decreased productivity. Set and follow a rigorous schedule for inspecting vehicles, and have repairs performed as soon as possible after a problem is spotted. Drivers can assist by performing a thorough check of the vehicle before they use it.

  1. Teach Workers to be “Weather-Smart”

Both heat and cold can take their toll on your staff, causing illness and injury. Include training on how to dress and behave in both hot and cold environments.

In the workplace, make sure staff members have access to places where they can regulate their body temperatures, such as warming zones in cold areas and shade or cooling equipment in high-heat areas. In both situations, ensure that workers drink enough water throughout the day to avoid dehydration.

  1. Make Personal Protection Equipment “Right”

Personal protection equipment (PPE) isn’t just a smart way to reduce injuries – it’s also required by law in a number of workplace situations.

To make PPE use a habit, include it in the training as part of the “correct” way to do the job. Empower supervisors to stop an employee and require them to put on their PPE before they continue a task if needed. Eventually, the staff will feel strange without their necessary protective equipment and will put it on automatically.

  1. Fight the Clutter

Decluttering households is a popular trend, but decluttering the workspace is a safety must. Many accidents are caused by debris, clutter, and spills at work. Build in time for cleaning and organizing, and make an orderly workspace part of the correct way to do the job as well.

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