5 Reasons to Take a Seasonal Job in Minneapolis with the Holidays Approaching

5 Reasons to Take a Seasonal Job in Minneapolis with the Holidays Approaching

With the holidays fast approaching, you may want to earn more money to fit your spending needs. Or, you might be looking for a job change in the new year. No matter what your goals are, you might be interested in taking on a seasonal job. The income, skills, and experience you gain can benefit you both now and in the future.


Discover five reasons to find a seasonal role in Minneapolis.


Additional Income

You can take on a seasonal role around your full-time job or make the position your primary source of income. Either way, you gain money to buy gifts, cover your bills, pay down your debt, or save for the future. Whatever your goals are, your paychecks can help you achieve them.


Flexible Schedule

A seasonal job lets you decide the hours you want to work. Because employers’ needs vary, additional staff typically are required at different times of the day. You can let your manager know when you are available and be scheduled during these hours. This enables you to fit in decorating, shopping, parties, and other holiday activities.


New Skills

Taking on seasonal work provides opportunities to add to your skillset. This is especially important if you are looking for a job or career change. Since a seasonal role typically lasts a few months, you should be able to gain additional abilities that employers are looking for. Adding new skills to your resume can help you land another temporary or full-time job.



Be sure you meet as many employees as possible during your seasonal job. They include teammates, managers, coworkers, HR professionals, and leaders. For instance, get to know each staff member on a personal level. Also, find out their role, how their work benefits the organization, and what they like best about working there. Additionally, ask about each employee’s family, hobbies, and favorite activities. Plus, find out whether your connections will serve as references during your next job search.


Potential Permanent Job

A seasonal position may lead to a full-time role with the company. If a manager is looking to hire a permanent employee, they will likely evaluate your performance during your time there. This means you need to show up on time, work to the best of your ability, and stay late when needed. You also should finish your tasks on time, offer to help your coworkers when time allows, and ask for additional responsibilities when possible. Demonstrating that you blend with company culture and follow the policies and procedures related to the work provides you an edge over the competition.


Find a Seasonal Job

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