Four Signs That It’s Time to Change Jobs

It’s not always easy to know when it’s time to change jobs. A job that is great when it starts may gradually turn into a position that’s just not right for you anymore: your boss changes, your department loses key funding, or the work you once did is passed on to other individuals.

When can you tell it’s time to start looking elsewhere? Watch for these four “red flags”:

  1. Despite your best efforts, nothing has changed. If you’ve been working to earn a promotion or transfer for three years or more and you’re still in the same position you were when you started, it’s time to look elsewhere. Even in a large organization where promotions occur rarely, three years of your best work should be enough to earn you a step up the career ladder. Even if your employer insists your status quo is their fault, not yours, it’s time to find an employer who has the resources it needs to reward your hard work.
  2. You’re not getting opportunities to learn, even when you ask for them. A lack of feedback from your manager deprives you of an opportunity to learn on the job and is a “red flag” all on its own. But if you’re also missing out on changes to challenge yourself, learn new information or skills, or expand your career development, it’s time to find these things for yourself with a new employer.
  3. The company’s re-structuring never seems to end. On the roadways of the Twin Cities, people joke that there are two seasons: winter and construction. If “construction season” never seems to end in your company, looking for a more stable option is in your best interests. A company that continually announces department reorganization, a shuffling of job duties, or new management doesn’t offer the stability or strategic vision needed to help your career thrive.
  4. Recruiters are already reaching out to you. It can feel annoying to be solicited by people you don’t even know via LinkedIn or your email, but if recruiters who specialize in placing people in your field are contacting you, that’s a sign that competing companies are having a tough time finding people like you. This is an opportunity you shouldn’t pass up, especially if you’re seeing these red flags appear in your own workplace. An added bonus: recruiters won’t ask you to leave your current job until you’ve decided to accept an offer for a new one, and recruiting firms will keep your search confidential.

If it’s time for you to look for a new job, consider working with a recruiter. Your recruiter will keep your job search confidential while striving to match you with companies that offer you what you need to do your best work. At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our experienced recruiters will help you find a job you will love in Minneapolis and beyond. Contact us today to learn more.

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