What To Do When You Hire the Wrong Person

The Right Staff - What to Do When You Hire the Wrong Person

Hiring is an art, not a science. There’s no formula for choosing the perfect candidate every time. As a result, even the best attempts to hire the right person for the job may end in disappointment.  

While the occasional misstep in hiring may be inevitable, it doesn’t have to set back your team or your company. Here’s how to reduce the risk of hiring the wrong person and how to respond if it happens.  

 How to Make the Most of A Bad Hire

1. Use probation periods. 

A probationary period after a new hire functions like an extended interview. It gives both the candidate and the hiring manager the chance to see how well the new hire fits in the role and with the team. When setting a probation period, include regular check-ins with the new hire so you can gauge their progress and answer questions. 

2. Communicate and collaborate with the new hire.  

 Most new hires aren’t oblivious to their own struggles on the job. They may know that something isn’t right, but they may be unable to pinpoint exactly why they’re struggling – or they may fear that asking for help will prove they don’t belong in the role. 

 Regular check-in sessions with new hires can help them overcome early struggles. These communication sessions allow workers and managers to articulate what’s going wrong and collaborate on a plan to put it right. Here, the hiring manager can give the new person the best chance to succeed in the role, while the new hire can get the guidance they need.  

3. Trust your instincts and make changes when necessary. 

 Sometimes, no matter how much a hiring manager wishes otherwise, it’s clear that a hire won’t succeed in their new role. 

 In this situation, see if you can find a role within the organization that offers a better fit for that person. If you can’t, it may be time to let them go, before their struggling frustrates or slows down the rest of the team. 

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